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Baby Black Rhino Born at Michigan Zoo on Christmas Eve

The birth of the yet-to-be-named male calf marks a milestone for conservationists trying to save the critically endangered species

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/baby-black-rhino-born-michigan-zoo-christmas-eve-180973864/?utm_source=smithsoniandaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20191227-daily-responsive&spMailingID=41430539&spUserID=NzQwNDU2MjA3OTES1&spJobID=1662464573&spReportId=MTY2MjQ2NDU3MwS2

Plastic pollution: Grass ‘could be used for packaging’


Bangor University researchers are working with leftover farming materials to create trays for fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs. They say the research could also provide an extra source of income for farmers in African countries such as Uganda. Plant fibres are being mashed up and pressed into shallow trays similar to plastic ones already in use in supermarkets

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-50394607?intlink_from_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.com%2Fnews%2Fscience_and_environment&link_location=live-reporting-story

Quoting ‘The Lorax,’ Court Pulls Permit For Pipeline Crossing Appalachian Trail

In a decision filed Thursday by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., a three-judge panel declared the U.S. Forest Service “abdicated its responsibility to preserve national forest resources” when it issued permits for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to build through parts of the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests and a right of way across the Appalachian Trail. … The judges cited Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax: “We trust the United States Forest Service to ‘speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.'”

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2018/12/14/676950106/quoting-the-lorax-court-pulls-permit-for-pipeline-crossing-appalachian-trail

(Fish) farm to table

That innovation is the small-scale Oasis Aquaponic Food Production System. It’s a practical method to grow fish and vegetables, using “aquaponics,” a little-known form of integrated aquaculture.

Read more: http://michigantoday.umich.edu/fish-farm-to-table/

The 81-year-old woman inspiring a nation to recycle

An 81-year-old who set up an all-woman rubbish collection team in her village in Lebanon now has a stream of visitors asking how she did it.

Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-40191270

How Libraries Won Over The Hearts Of Millennials

That’s the main finding of a new report from Pew Research Center, which reveals that more millennials use their local libraries than other adult generations. Pew’s data, collected in a survey administered during fall 2016, found that 53% of millennials said they’d used a library or bookmobile in the previous 12 months.

Read more:  https://education.good.is/articles/this-is-generation-uses-libraries-most?utm_source=thedailygood&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dailygood

China Turns On the World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

Built by the company Sungrow Power Supply, the power plant will produce enough energy to power 15,000 homes, Zheng reports.
Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/china-launches-largest-floating-solar-farm-180963587/#gsWEPZQ56kwzmf4q.99

California Adds Herbicide Used By Monsanto To List Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The listing is the latest legal setback for the company, which has faced increasing litigation over glyphosate since WHO said that it was “probably carcinogenic.”

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-glyphosate-cancer-causing-chemical-list_us_5951ed4ae4b05c37bb78fc20?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Two More Rescued Orangutans Return to Their Forest Home

Two more critically endangered orangutans, Amin and Shila, have finally been returned to their home in the rainforest.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/two-more-rescued-orangutans-return-to-their-forest-home.html

The small Scottish isle leading the world in electricity


Solar panels provide a boost to Eigg’s other sources of power

In 2008, Eigg became the world’s first community to launch an off-grid electric system powered by wind, water and solar – and this group of residents largely taught themselves how to do it. Before that, without access to a national grid, residents relied on noisy, expensive diesel generators that only ran for a few hours a day. The electrification scheme made 24-hour power available to residents for the first time.

Read more:   http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170329-the-extraordinary-electricity-of-the-scottish-island-of-eigg