The Mystery of Movement


The Mystery of Movement

Artemisia and Medical Section 2006 Conference at the Reed College Campus Portland, Oregon
July 19th – 23rd

The Mystery of Movement

The Mystery of Movement

Rudolf Steiner describes, in his books and lectures, cosmic realities and spiritual development with words and phrases connotating creative rhythmical movement processes like expansion and contraction. Similarly, the anthroposophically inspired therapies promote enlivened movement enhancing the healing process. Whether inculcating aspects of rhythm into substances producing remedies, or indicating healing forms to the finer bodies by movement, subtle gestures, sounds, colors and forms, this course will engage all levels of our beings into active movement within the spaces from whence spring the healing forces.

Anthroposophic medicine is based on Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophy and extends the conventional art of healing with knowledge of the living body, soul and spirit of the human being, as well as with a spiritual and practical knowledge of the world. Conventional scientific medicine forms the basis of Anthroposophic Medicine. In addition, Anthroposophic Medicine uses uniquely prepared remedies from all the realms of nature and many therapeutic approaches including rhythmical massage, therapeutic eurythmy, anthroposophic nursing, and artistic therapies that are designed to enhance the ill individual’s ability for self-healing and wholeness.

The Medical Section for the School for Spiritual Science is headquartered at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, and consists of physicians and other health professionals who are members of the School, and are dedicated to working out of the insight and discipline of Anthroposophy.

Artemisia is the umbrella organization for various healing professions that work out of an anthroposophic perspective. The following organizations meet during the conference:

  • PAAM (Physicians’ Assn. of Anthroposophic Medicine) Contact: (734) 930-9462
  • RMTA (Rhythmical Massage Therapy Assn.) Contact: (413) 586-8083
  • ATHENA (Assn. of Therapeutic Eurythmists in N. America) Contact: (773) 728-5282
  • Music Therapy Contact: (503) 956-4046
  • Speech Therapy Contact: (916) 966-5749
  • Interdisciplinary (other medical professionals)
  • Members-At-Large (non-medical members)

Artemisia is open to all interested individuals.

For any assistance, or further information, please contact either Dr. Kevin Kane or Dr. John Takacs at, (503) 234-1531.

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