Denmark Sets World Record For Wind Power Production


Denmark has been long been a pioneer in wind power, having installed its first turbines in the mid-1970s when oil shocks sent the import-dependent nation on a quest for energy security. Thirty-seven years later, the country has set a new world record for wind production by getting 39.1 percent of its overall electricity from wind in 2014. This puts the Northern European nation well on track to meet its 2020 goal of getting 50 percent of its power from renewables.

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Large Carnivores Make a Comeback in Europe


The news is in: Carnivores are back in style in Europe. If you like big kitties, brown bears, wolves and wolverines, they’re returning to Europe, and not where you’d necessary expect them. While you might imagine that they’re hanging out in conservation areas and regions specifically set aside for preserving wildlife, they’re also showing up outside those zones, which is a real conservation victory, and a model of helping animals and people live together.