Costco Joins a Host of Retailers Refusing to Sell GMO Salmon

Costco joins supermarket chains including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and Kroger in promising not to sell the genetically modified fish, according to environmental group Friends of the Earth. Read more:

How First Nations Have Enhanced the Forest Over 13,000 Years of Habitation

While most human occupation harms the landscape, new research shows that British Columbia’s coastal First Nations have made the forest thrive. Read more:

Long-Disputed Maya Manuscript Turns Out To Be The Real Deal

A mysterious and long-disputed document purported to be America’s oldest surviving manuscript is genuine. That’s the conclusion of a new review of research on the Grolier Codex, a fragmentary 13th Century Maya text whose unlikely provenance ― it was reportedly found by looters in a Mexican cave in the 1960s… Continue reading