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Newly translated lectures at the Rudolf Steiner Archive

There are more newly translated lectures at the Rudolf Steiner Archive: They are a translation of GA/Bn 52 (by an anonymous translator): eighteen lectures by Rudolf Steiner, given at Berlin from September 1903 until December 1904. The original title for this GA/Bn, in German, is: Spirituelle Seelenlehre und Weltbetrachtung. From… Continue reading

Current Anthroposophical News

Are you interested in reading about current news about the workings of the spirit in humanity? The KnowNews.Net site has a special section for Anthroposophical News: http://www.knownews.net/newslinks.html It’s an electronic newswire of up-to-the-minute Anthroposophical news: arts, eurythmy, camphill, biodynamics, medicine and healthcare, social finance, and Waldorf education. The news items… Continue reading

Beginning of Spirit Working … again.

We are starting the Spirit Working site as both spiritworking.info, but also spiritworking.us. We hope to use this forum to explain how the Anthroposophical Movement is alive in the world: all of the different organizations and initiatives that make up this movement, and how they work to bring humanity into… Continue reading